Leaving this site

Please Dont do any comment here
Going to http://cpbestsite.wordpress.com


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Green Penguins IN ICEBERG!


That is the Green Day For Club Penguin!

I Have Member Clothes, But I used Penguin Storm 10.1

In Server Yukon!

In Ice Berg

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Lots Of People In Night Club

Back In CP

See Down Over There

Some of them saying: Cool People Here


They Are Dancing in the DJ3K Stand

Thanks For Cool and Member Penguins

How Do you like the new Font?

Answer By Comments

Best Comment Will Give Me His User+Password

I will recive for you coins

Give Me  One Membership Card Code in Youtube

Youtube User: RSnailvsScreenhog

And one Give Me An Unused ToyCode

And one Give Me A Beta Member Account With 3D Glasses, Gold Viking Helmet and Red Lei (RARE WITH ALL ITEMS OF 2005,2006,2007,2008,2009, 2010 JAN and 2010 Feb)With 1st pin and Used with EPF DS

Full Site: http://www.youtube.com/user/RSnailVsScreenhog

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I Quit Cp

I quitted club penguin sorry

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I coloured DJ cadenece /Member Party 2009


Hey! That is Cadenece!

Click here For the site

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Hey! It is febreuary!

Whoo! Febreuary!Welcome Febreuary! St praticks tay is coming I am Very happy 🙂



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Obama wins!Fetisa party also!

Yay! Obama!


Hey! Obama you win!!!!!


Fetisa party

The fetisa party like 2008

Here’s the pictures:

Sorry i dint join at Jan 2008

I join at april 2008


Small sombero hats at the cove next to the surf boards

Look evreywhere

The forest is like the stage

No boombox 3000

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I am happy !!


What about your agent’mike98?

My agent is the first of the DS room at the PC Computer!!

What about leedude101?

Someones go to leedude and makes me a member today!!


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Member party is back!!


The night club is for members only


A boombox is here!


Go to dance concest and say “Yes” You will see this


Click “d” and dance with the Boombox A song will be on



Go to the lounge and you will see a roof

But sorry i am not showing you what’s inside

You see

P.S. Do not copy anything

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Club penguin party

Please meet me


Be my buddy please and click the ? when you don’t where is arrow8

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